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The School support team at Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts


The Mission of the school support program at Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language is to ensure that every student from PK to 8 has equity and access to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for academic success and personal growth. 


Every student will acquire the long range academic, career, and personal/social skills to reach their fullest educational potential, high academic achievement, and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, culturally competent, and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.


The school support team at Calmeca believe:


  • School support team advocates for the overall development of students to promote collaborative relationships with parents, students, community and faculty.
  • All students need a safe, caring and inclusive environment that provides social emotional learning, a focus on health and wellness, an opportunity for self-expression, and culturally responsive.
  • All Students can be positive, contributing members of society.
  • All Students should have access to School Counseling Services and Community Resources.
  • School support team should provide a data driven developmental counseling program through counseling curriculum, individual student planning, proactive and responsive services.