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Student Services

"When educating the minds of youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts" -Dalai Lama
"Al educar la mente de los jovenes, no debemos olvidar educar su corazon" -Dalai Lama
As the Student Advocate of Calmeca Academy my role is:
    • Support students social-emotional needs.
    • Promote a safe, healthy and supportive environment.
    • Motivate and inspire all students.
Como defensor de estudiantes en la escuela Calmeca mi papel es:
    • Apoyar estudiantes en necesidades emocional-social
    • Promover seguridad, salud, y ambiente de apoyo para el estudiante
    • Motivar e inspirar a todos los estudiantes
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  In Loving Memory Of Michael Colon and Diego Hernandez.    
Micheal Colon                                         
Social-Emotional Learning
Children and Divorce
Voices of the Child of Divorce
Remember Me: Children's Voices After Separation
Sesame Street Short Video About Divorce
Teens Dealing with Divorce
Teachers, students and parents, we got this!!!
Social Emotional Learning Videos
 Kindergarten-2nd grade social-emotional video.
3rd--4th grade social-emotional video.
5th--6th grade social-emotional video.
7th-8th grade social-emotional video.
Stop Bullying Video
Kinder--2nd grade
3rd, 4th 5th grade
6th, 7th and 8th grade
 Anger Coping Skills  Videos
Free For Teachers and Parents!!!!
National Bullying Prevention Center
Addressing race and trauma in the classroom
 Inspirational Videos
Before you Overthink/Harry Houdini
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Tale of Survival
Terry Crews Motivational Speech
The Mindset of a Winner/Kobe Bryant
The most inspiring speech
Chadwick Boseman Speech
Powerful Motivational Video
Best Motivational Video
Every Young Person Needs to See This.
Short Film About Depression and Anxiety
Megan Shinnick/Teen Depression
Conquering Depression